We are Diane and Octaeve, and we would very much like to welcome you on our kennel website.

After a few years as Irish Setter owners, we decided in 1993 to start our kennel.

Our first litter of 11 Irish Setter puppies was born in 1993. Our second litter again delivered 11 puppies, and we decided to keep a dog from that litter. We called him "Umber". This turned out to be a very good decision as "Umber" became our first self-bred champion. He became the father of many puppies in Belgium and abroad. In our kennel we also have children and grandchildren of him, which in their turn became champions.

We also decided to start with a second breed of dogs, namely the English Setters. The character of these Setters is even more gentle then the one of the Irish Setters. The two breeds live at our home in perfect harmony. Our first English Setter was "Romance", a tricolour bitch. She became a champion in no time. In 1996 she had her first litter of 10 puppies. From that litter we kept a dog which we named "Uno". From her second litter, we kept a bitch and named her "Yamina".

Sadly we already had to say goodbye to "Romance", "Umber and "Uno", but they still live in our memories and in their children and grandchildren.

We wish you a lot of Setter fun,

Diane & Octaeve